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You might know me as Vera Delightfull and i started early 2013 doing my first pornmovie,i loved doing it so i became very determined to continue my new carreer.I did several shoots and hungry for more i started to browse around and found Charisma Gold whom became a great friend during that time,she is very naughty like me and we love doing gangbangs and parties together and enjoy all the male attention.
Offcourse i made more content since that time,and there surely will be more.

Lately i have been finding my way in the Bdsm/Fetishscene and highclass erotic games.
This direction has giving me the name Fetishbabe Vera,nowadays a known Fetishbabe in Holland and also Europe is getting to know me.
Verlegen brabantse vera gaat helemaal los.(kim holland)
Mrs.noir geeft vera een enorme druipkut.(kim holland)
Sexfeest met britt angel en vera deel 1.(kim holland)
Zaadgeil gangbangen met vera in kim holland's PornoPenthouse.(kim holland)
Gangbangcasting Sexomaat.
GonzoCasting Charisma Gold.
Vlaamse Pornocasting.(mariskaX productions)
Opname voor tv doeleinden met Dries,mariskax en william.
De hort op met Vera in Breda.
Charisma Gold introduceert Vera Delightfull.(Charisma Gold + februari oplage dvd foxy)
Vera en Charisma op bezoek bij Partyplayers.(Charisma Gold + April oplage dvd foxy)
Vera fan bang.(Meiden van Holland tv)
Hollandsche Passie amateurgangbangs 2014.(dvd oplage
Foute meiden in collaboration with Zure Room for Passiexxx.(James Blain,Chessie Kay,Natasja Less)
Opname voor Passiexxx with William en Dennis.
Vera word graag bekeken. (own producton)
Fotoshoot voor Solar festival theme:fairy tales with nikkie zeebrechts.
Hottie of the month september:Torridnews magazine(
Nominated as pornstar of the year 2014.
Sweet punishment with Mandy Slim (own production)
The Afterplay with Mandy Slim (own production)
Burlesque meets Fetish.(own production with Scarlett Hope and William)

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